Benefits of using Compost

  • Improves soil organic matter levels

  • Increases nutrients in soil

  • Improves soil structure

  • Increases water absorption

  • Grow stronger plants

  • Improved disease suppression

  • Minimises erosion

How to Use Our Compost

Use compost as a supplement to any soil, rather than in place of soil – a common mistake

  • Spread a layer up to 5 cm deep over the garden beds and around shrubs but not in direct contact with plants
  • Mix into your soil with a garden fork and water well

Testing and Nutrition:

  • We perform a range of tests to understand the composition of our compost and to ensure it is mature and ready for use.
  • Click here for our latest laboratory nutritional analysis 
  • Click here for our latest active organics analysis

Health and Safety:

  • Always use compost in a well ventialiated space, wear an appropriate mask and gloves.
  • Click here for our How to Use flyer


$8 per bucket

Our compost buckets are a great option for people wanting to reinvigorate a small garden

• Convenient 15L Bucket with lid
• Keeps weight to a minimum making for easy handling
• Buckets are reused so there is no left over plastic to go to landfill
• $2 delivery in Whanganui

Bulk Compost

$60 per cubic metre

Our bulk compost is ideal for people with larger gardens

• Minimum quantity of one cubic metre available
• Collection or delivery available by arrangement
• Delivery charges apply

Ordering Compost or Any Questions


Phone: 06 213 4850  or  021 079 1528