About Us

Easy Earth is 100% Whanganui owned and operated. We aim to divert organic waste currently being sent to landfill and turn that ‘waste’ into high quality compost via the latest technology creating a sustainable, circular economy model. We currently collect from Whanganui through to Hawera.

We saw this as the easiest way to make a big difference in our local environment, and profits will be invested in examining other waste problems that need creative and technological solutions.

Making It Easy

The ‘Easy’ in Easy Earth reflects our belief that people will do the right thing for the environment when it isn’t too hard. The hardest thing you need to do is separate your compostable waste from your general rubbish. This will hopefully significantly reduce your landfill waste collection needs, and therefore cost.

Who We Are

Easy Earth is the ‘5th child’ of Whanganui locals, Derek and Sarah Pickering.  We have been supported by Whanganui District Council and South Taranaki District Council through their Waste Minimisation Funds.

The Technology

Our machine is known as a HotRot and is supplied by a New Zealand-based business who design, build, install and commission integrated Organic Waste Treatment Plants. The company has installed its proprietary HotRot in-vessel composting systems in more than 11 countries since its inception in 2003.

Our Process

Composting is a biological process that occurs naturally through bacteria growth and tissue decay. We are using the HotRot system to provide the best conditions for these natural processes to happen and creating nutrient rich and weed-free compost, without causing methane emissions and leachate which are common in most alternative composting systems.